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Akhmedov Kobuljon Kholikovich

Akhmedov Kobuljon Kholikovich was born on the 13th of May in 1984, in the district of Baghdad of the Ferghana region. He is Uzbek by nationality. In 2004 he graduated from the National university of Uzbekistan. He is a journalist by profession. He works on television and film production as well as journalism. Having graduated from the faculty of journalism in 2004, K. Akhmedov began his career in the National association of electronic mass media, where previously took a training internship.

As the editor-in-chief of the journal "O'zEOAVMA axborotnomasi", K. Akhmedov created a database on non-state TV and radio channels in Uzbekistan, about their activities, the staff, technical and creative opportunities, and made a worthy contribution to the publication of journal issues on the results of each quarter, half year and year. Thus, awareness of public and international organizations about the activities of regional TV stations, FM radio stations and cable studios was ensured.

In 2005-2006, the an editor of the Television network of non-state television companies of Uzbekistan (UzTNNSTC), he was able to create a creative concept of a television network, created in Uzbekistan for the first time and ensure that the products that make up the program network comply with the requirements of the norms of this legislation and the ancestral values, customs, and national mentality of the country.

In 2006-2008, working as the deputy director and then Director of the Public foundation for the support and development of non-governmental electronic media, K. Akhmedov became the main initiator and executor of many projects. In particular, several large grants were announced to support non-state TV and radio transmitters. As a result of the announcement of such projects as "Zamon bilan hamnafas", "Ijtimoiy loyiha", "Maslahat markazi", the material and technical base of regional TV stations and FM radio stations was strengthened, as a result of more than 100 training seminars and master classes, the professional qualifications of creative and technical staff were improved.

Thanks to his effective work and initiative, in 2008 K. Akhmedov was appointed to the position of executive director of the Uzbek national association of electronic mass media. During his leadership, he oversaw the organization of all major projects and events of the Association, contributed to the widespread dissemination of state policy by non-state TV and radio transmitters, the development and implementation of state programs, ensuring cooperation with the authorities, ministries and bodies. At the same time, he did a significant service to attract hundreds of young people to the field of journalism by creating Youth studios throughout the republic. As a result, the project participants currently carry out their activities in the rating TV channels of the country.

Through the organization of a Network of non-state radio stations (NNSRS), an information exchange mechanism was launched. Thanks to the establishment of the consultation center, legal assistance was provided to members of the Association to work in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and regulatory acts.

In 2010, as the editor-in-chief of the Television network of non-state television companies of Uzbekistan (UzTNNSTC), K. Akhmedov highlighted the results of projects, grant competitions and training seminars held in the field of non-state TV transmitters, thereby filling the airwaves of regional TV stations with high-quality content.

In 2010-2014, K. Akhmedov worked in the field of print media, namely, as an authorized secretary, then director of the newspaper "Darakchi". Becoming the head of a private newspaper with the highest circulation in Uzbekistan, he ensured a further increase in the number of subscribers by creatively presenting state policy to the attention of readers, filling newspaper pages with various interesting materials. He abandoned the principles of the "yellow press", focusing on the problems that concern the population.

In each issue, the heading "40 answers to 40 questions" was created, in which readers were given advice on various issues, ranging from global to issues in the communal sphere. Articles were published about the flaws found in society, about youth problems, family divorces and crimes committed.

During his work at the publishing house "Dono" in 2014-2016, he was engaged in the preparation and printing of the magazines "Dono Word", "Bilimdon", "Znayka", "Excellent", intended for a children's audience. He attracted famous children's writers, teachers, modern specialists to publish magazines in Uzbek, Russian and English, for meaningful pastime of pupils, as well as teaching new knowledge and skills. Thus, he secured the leadership in circulation among competitors. Several contests were held with the participation of student readers. The contest "Why do I love Uzbekistan?!", held on the eve of Independence Day, was particularly large-scale in terms of coverage.

In 2016-2017, during his leadership of "Dono Productions" LLC, K. Akhmedov shot a modern adaptation of the film by the legendary Uzbek director, Uzbek artist Shukhrat Abbosov, "The whole mahalla speaks about it." On his initiative, in order to reflect the tourism potential of Uzbekistan, the feature film "I am charmed" ("I am charmed with you, Uzbekistan!") was shot, showing our national traditions and values, national dishes.

In 2017, during the period of K. Akhmedov's leadership of the information and analytical portal project Xabar.uz, the portal entered the list of "TOP 10 websites". The conversations organized with Uzbeks who have achieved success in foreign countries, especially with well-known compatriots who have taken up business in America, were highly appreciated by readers and served as motivation for Uzbek youth. He also always supported the creative team on preparing materials.

At a meeting held on January 9, 2018 on the report of the heads of the Ministry for the development of information technologies and communications under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, in order to improve and promote the skills of using information technologies, providing the national segment of the Internet with objective and reliable information, protecting public interests, creating a unified system on the principle of "Education against ignorance" at the State unitary enterprise "Editorial office of the newspaper Xabar" under the leadership of K. Akhmedov, an online Internet TV channel was created and in March 2018, a technical test broadcast began and experienced specialists were attracted to work on the channel "IT LIFE" under the domain www.itlife.uz.

Since the 1st of February, 2018, after being appointed as the chairman of the NGO "Youth media center" at the Central council of the Youth union of Uzbekistan, K. Akhmedov has created a new mechanism. According to it, more than 100 videos, more than 500 materials (messages, articles) on the broad promotion of state policy with regard to the youth of Uzbekistan, coverage of the Union's activities were prepared and demonstrated during a month.

Under his leadership, the musical television contests "Yulduzcha" and "Men yulduzman", the festival of author's songs and guitar "Majnuntol", "School of Young Journalists", a competition of social videos promoting state policy with regard to youth, a competition of mini-grants are regularly held.

Since the 25th of June, 2018, K. Akhmedov has also been effectively working as the General director of the TV channel "Mening Yurtim" ("Ozod yurt to'lqinlari" LLC). Thanks to his efforts, the promotion of state policy with regard to youth has been strengthened through information programs, such as the Youth information program "Hudud", "Gazetalar sharhi", "Digest" (review of Internet sites). Experienced specialists were involved in the work on the channel, a number of measures were taken to improve the skills of creative and technical personnel.

The program "Markaziy studiya" in 2019 took the first place of the international competition "Golden feather" in the television sphere. Today, a creative team of about 200 people, more than 150 of whom are younger than 30 years old, is working on the TV channel "Mening Yurtim".

In order to launch effective tools on the problems of modern youth, the mistakes they make, harmful vices and their sad consequences, such national series as "Zaharli tomchilar", "Jurnalist" are filmed and broadcast on the TV channel.

Under the sponsorship of the TV channel, a "School of young journalists" was organized in the "Youth center" of the Mirabad district. At this school, about 10 of the most famous representatives of the industry constantly conduct theoretical and practical classes with about 200 students. The most successful graduates of the school are hired by the TV channel.

Since the 20th of September, 2018, he serves as the executive general director - chairman of the board of directors of the National association of electronic mass media of Uzbekistan, assisting in the implementation of major development projects of non-governmental teleradioproduction Association and the conservation of cultural heritage.

K. Akhmedov, as an experienced journalist and steering of the frame, effectively manages the creative, financial organization, has trained dozens of students journalistic skills, and they all find their niche in this field.

On the direct initiative, responsibility and leadership of K. Akhmedov, the traditional media festival "Ozod yurt to'lqinlari", the festival of social media products, the projects of the Consultation Center, the Youth Studio, the essay contest among readers "Why do I love Uzbekistan?!", the feature films "Charmed with you" (directed by Abduvohid Ganiev) and "The whole mahalla is talking about it again" (directed by Shukhrat Abbosov), the musical television contests "Yulduzcha" and "Men yulduzman", the festival of author's songs and guitar "Majnuntol", "School of Young Journalists", a contest of social videos promoting public policy for young people, a mini-grant contest, a multi-part television series "Jurnalist".

At the initiative of K. Akhmedov, with active interaction with foreign media abroad, a series of materials is published aimed at strengthening the positive image of Uzbekistan and demonstrating the attitude of the President and Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the youth of Uzbekistan. On the eve of the visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. Mirziyoyev to France on the website "Novastan.org ", during the visit of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin to Uzbekistan, relevant articles were published in the "Regnum" news agency.

During a working visit to Turkey as part of the delegation of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, friendly relations were established with the leadership of the TV channel "TRT WORLD", and during a trip to Berlin - with creative figures of a number of countries, such as Germany, India, Iran.

During his work, K Akhmedov won the respect of Union activists as a person who carefully approaches his work, works honestly, has exemplary behavior, perseverance, devoted to his profession, kind and modest, and also won the respect and trust of team members by his respectful attitude towards them.

Labor activity
2000-2004 - Student of the Uzbek National University;
2004-2010 - editor-in-chief of the journal "O'zbekiston elektron ommaviy axborot vositalari milliy assotsiatsiyasi axborotnomasi";
2005-2006 - editor of the Television Network of non -state TV companies of Uzbekistan;
2006-2008 - executive director of the Public foundation for the support and development of non-governmental electronic media;
2008 - editor-in-chief of the National association of electronic mass media of Uzbekistan;
2008-2010 - executive director of the National association of electronic mass media of Uzbekistan;
2010-2010 - editor-in-chief of the Television network of non-state TV companies of Uzbekistan;
2010-2011 - authorized secretary of the newspaper "Darakchi" of the publishing house "Darakchi";
2011-2014 - director of the limited liability company "Darakchi Media Press";
2014-2016 - director of the limited liability company "Dono nashriyot uyi";
2016-2017 - director of the limited liability company "Dono Productions";
2017-2018 - Head of the creative team of the Xabar.uz and the project "Xabar.tv" ("IT-LIFE") under the Ministry of development of information technologies and communications of Uzbekistan;
2018-2019 - deputy chairman - executive director of the Office of the National association of electronic mass media;
2018-2020 - chief director of the limited liability company "Ozod yurt to'lqinlari" (TV channel "Mening yurtim");
2019-2020 - executive director of JSC UzNTRC "Yoshlar TV and radio channel";
2020-2021 - Adviser on the state language of the Central office of the Youth Affairs Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
2022 - present - chief director of the limited liability company "Ozod yurt to'lqinlari" (TV channel "Mening yurtim").

Production works and works under his artistic direction:

Feature films:
- feature film "The whole mahalla is talking about it again";
- feature film "I am fascinated with you, Uzbekistan!";

Television projects:
- children's music television contest "Yulduzcha";
- musical television contest "Men yuluzman";
- festival of author's songs and guitar "Majnuntol";
- "Ibrat";
- "To'rt devor ichidagi sir";
- republican festival "Yoshlar ovozi";
- republican contest "Yosh kitobxon oila";

- "Zulmat ortidagi nur".

TV Series:
- "Soya";
- "Koshmar na otlichno";
- "Osiyo";
- "Ali va Aliya".